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Business Mentor

Strategy, Operation

and Scalability

Managing growth in line with production can be tricky in start-up companies.  Whether it’s helping you  with staying focused on where you’re headed whilst managing to balance the day to day or taking a new product to market (which can be expensive if sales don’t meet expectations through poor research prior to launch), we have the knowhow to share the pitfalls and opportunities to build real strength . 






Finding and sharing insights into new markets is what we do best.
Getting creative about finding new customer groups can deliver great reward as often your product has no competition in outlets that are not obvious.  Alongside the creative thinking we offer a guiding hand on the product front too as continually adding products to your range can sometimes dilute your main focus and often confuse the customer.



A fresh set of ears and an un-cluttered mind can see things in your business, new or old, that have become every day routine for you.  We love to listen and our clients tell us that we have a knack of spotting exactly what is needed to make a difference.

Working together in a mentoring relationship we may:

  •  Teach about a specific issue
  •  Coach on a particular skill
  •  Facilitate growth by sharing resources and networks
  •  Challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone
  •  Create a safe learning environment for taking risks
  •  Focus on personal development

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