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The London Hug

Chaperone service


Marcus will meet you off the train or in a car.  The day will be designed bespoke to your needs and desired outcomes – it could be visiting existing customers or finding new accounts to fit in with your product match.  Marcus has an extensive knowledge and key relationships with over 150 Deli, Butchers, Fishmongers and Food Halls throughout the city. 

Store check ups &



We will visit a number of customers selected by you for you.  Each visit may include meeting the Owner/Buyer to discuss: 

  •  sales, product placement and growth
  •  introducing any new products with samples or flyers
  •  making sure all current products are front of mind, on the shelf and ordered if applicable    




When mishaps occur we are there to help get things back on track. 
We deal with:

  •  miss delivered orders
  •  picking up and arranging storage of chilled food
  •  customers who need a company representative in-store to quickly resolve a product or consumer problem
  •  disputes - a drive by or photo taken in-store to help you make commercial decisions back at your office    

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Send us an email or give us a call on 07971 270299