Artisan Food Club

The best way to describe the Artisan Food Club is to think of it as a dating agency for food.  Think Artisan Food Club – think retail food match’s made in heaven. 


Why a club?....

There are so many artisan producers out there with amazing food looking to find great shops to supply and there are as many fabulous shops looking to find awesome food to stock - we’re here to help you find your perfect match.  Saving time, making you money and avoiding heartache!

How we work…..

The idea behind the Artisan Food Club is to make your decision making easier especially around what new products to try out.  So once you join us you get the chance to:

1st - begin to make your monthly choices from these passionate artisan producers with tempting pictures, (some videos) and descriptions…   Plenty of time each month to ponder the products that take your fancy

2nd – have a look at each new producers offer and terms of business (consider these as their relationship rules) on ….. Producers may offer sale or return or samples for example to kick your first date off.   The relationship rules are simple to follow should the first date go well – such as minimum order, price and payments terms.  Trial packs will be very popular choices in the club, they make it possible for your retail customers to help you decide if the product sells and enable you to get their feedback.

3rd - choose your ‘dates’ for the month, new relationships…. get fabulous new products delivered to your door to try before you buy… The Artisan Food Club

To make it even easier and quicker we’ll email you at the beginning of each month to let you know which are this months participating producers.

The London Hug

Chaperone service


Marcus will meet you off the train or in a car.  The day will be designed bespoke to your needs and desired outcomes – it could be visiting existing customers or finding new accounts to fit in with your product match.  Marcus has an extensive knowledge and key relationships with over 150 Deli, Butchers, Fishmongers and Food Halls throughout the city. 

Store check ups &



We will visit a number of customers selected by you for you.  Each visit may include meeting the Owner/Buyer to discuss: 

  •  sales, product placement and growth
  •  introducing any new products with samples or flyers
  •  making sure all current products are front of mind, on the shelf and ordered if applicable    




When mishaps occur we are there to help get things back on track. 
We deal with:

  •  miss delivered orders
  •  picking up and arranging storage of chilled food
  •  customers who need a company representative in-store to quickly resolve a product or consumer problem
  •  disputes - a drive by or photo taken in-store to help you make commercial decisions back at your office    


Motivating teams

We find that our energetic, outgoing approach is infectious and clients say that they find tapping in to this is easy and transfers to the team fast.  We’ll work with you to set clear attainable sales goals to keep motivation high, and then we stay with you until they are achieved…..having someone to check in and monitor that goals are keeping on-track with these from outside the business works very well.     

The Blueprint &

60 day coaching


Your sales blueprint is key to growth. How your customers see you in the first 60 day, and more importantly the 7 days  after receiving your first delivery, will determine your relationship ongoing. The way you contact new customers and the initial offer or orders are a set of processes then are bespoke to each company.  We work with you to develop just the right fit for you.       



We believe in continuous improvement constantly improving your sales approach.  How you find and execute new leads needs to always be evolving to keep pace with the market place.  New markets are opening up and often only a small change in something can result in huge gains.   Having someone look at current practice with a fresh set of eyes can be invaluable.      

Business Mentor

Strategy, Operation

and Scalability

Managing growth in line with production can be tricky in start-up companies.  Whether it’s helping you  with staying focused on where you’re headed whilst managing to balance the day to day or taking a new product to market (which can be expensive if sales don’t meet expectations through poor research prior to launch), we have the knowhow to share the pitfalls and opportunities to build real strength . 






Finding and sharing insights into new markets is what we do best.
Getting creative about finding new customer groups can deliver great reward as often your product has no competition in outlets that are not obvious.  Alongside the creative thinking we offer a guiding hand on the product front too as continually adding products to your range can sometimes dilute your main focus and often confuse the customer.



A fresh set of ears and an un-cluttered mind can see things in your business, new or old, that have become every day routine for you.  We love to listen and our clients tell us that we have a knack of spotting exactly what is needed to make a difference.

Working together in a mentoring relationship we may:

  •  Teach about a specific issue
  •  Coach on a particular skill
  •  Facilitate growth by sharing resources and networks
  •  Challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone
  •  Create a safe learning environment for taking risks
  •  Focus on personal development

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