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Patchwork’s first ambient pâté was the chicken liver, anchovy & caper (and lots of other exciting goodies including celery, garlic, lemon and olives). The recipe is taken from an Old Italian recipe from a family that we met in Italy.

Our fantastic Spelt Oat Finger Biscuits were born through searching for the finest oat cakes to compliment our pâtés. They are made with the finest Scot’s Oats and the best West Country organic spelt from Sharpham Park.

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Who are we

Patchwork was established in 1982 by Margaret Carter, a talented, although untrained, home cook, who found herself divorced with three children to look after and in need of an income.

With a start up cost of just £9.00, saved from the housekeeping, she began selling her homemade pâtés to pubs in nearby Llangollen.

As Margaret attracted more and more customers and the business successfully started to expand she moved the business from her house in 1987 to a purpose-equipped factory in the heart of Ruthin.

Despite the commercial scale today, everything is still hand-made in small batches, without artificial colouring, additives or preservatives, to Margaret’s original recipes.


Our offer

Chosen just for you is a fine selection from our Italian Recipe and Mediterranean ranges of jarred ambient pâtés and a selection from our range of Spelt Oat Finger Biscuits.  These are a perfect selection to offer in any retail shop as they’re irresistible as a pick up line or staple! 

The introductory pack will include:

3 x Italian Recipe Chicken Liver, Anchovy and Caper - £2.15/jar
3 x Italian Recipe Chicken Liver, Orange and Garlic - £2.15/jar
3 x Mediterranean Chicken Liver, Sundried Tomato and Onion - £2.15/jar
3 x Mediterranean Chicken Liver with Spiced Chilli - £2.15/jar
6 x Original Spelt Oat Fingers - £1.65/pack
6 x Black Pepper Spelt Oat Fingers £1.65/pack


We’ll get in touch before dispatching the introduction pack to check in and get connected.  Then we’ll stay working with you over the first few weeks of trading offering as much (or as little) support as you need and want to get us off on the road to a great relationship.

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Message from Marcus

marcus carters artisan food clubAs some may know I am a big fan of Patchwork Pâté... It is also my family business and I worked there for 10 years... so my review is as a son and fan and there for totally bias. The spelt biscuits are a perfect accompaniment to the pâté as well as great with cheese and on their own as a snack. The anchovy and capers is my most favourite pate in the whole of the Patchwork range.

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Ongoing T&C - Relationship rules

  • 1st order after introduction pack - shipped on payment.

  • We don’t have a minimum order for your first 3 orders to help you on your way.  After that, to qualify for free delivery, order value must be over £150 otherwise there is a small delivery charge of £5 plus VAT.

  • All orders only one in arrears.

  • One trial pack per-establishment.

  • The trial pack remains the property of the vendor until paid for.


More Information

Want to know more before your ‘first date’?  Please call or email Sarah or Marcus.

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Send us an email or give us a call on 07971 270299