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Gran Luchito Smoked Chilli

Gran Luchito is a smoked chilli paste made in Mexico from five rare Oaxacan chillies. ('chilli paste' doesn't really do it justice; it's somewhere between a paste and an oil.) It's a taste rarely found outside of the Mixes (mee-hays) hills of Mexico.

The rare pasilla Oaxaca chillies are smoked over oak fire when perfectly ripe in handmade clay ovens and the delicious and versatile paste is the perfect way of introducing authentic Mexican flavours to a dish.

Mexican food blogger @mexigeek said that “Gran Luchito is probably the most exciting thing that's happened to Mexican cooking in the UK in all the years I've lived here”.

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Who we are

Hi I’m Fergus Chamberlain a chef, marketeer and all round foodie who’s love of food has led me to becoming the importer of Gran Luchito.

Gran Luchito story is as compelling as it’s flavour – once tasted never forgotten!

  • For the farmers who grow the chillies it's a fight with nature. The chilli plants are borne from hard, stony ground: an uncompromising environment.
  • They work with calloused palms, with hand tools, using oak fire in handmade clay ovens to smoke the chillies when perfectly ripe to prevent insects devouring them or torrential rain rotting them.
  •  The rarity of the chillies (cultivated in Mexico for 5000 years) and smoking gives them their unique depth of flavour and preserves a taste that would otherwise not travel. Cocina Oaxaca takes them, grinds and transforms them into Gran Luchito paste.

A Mexican would comment on different chilli flavours: the aromatics of the Pasilla Oaxaca, the woody Mulato, or the fruit of the Jalapeño. Much as we'd know a Cox's from a Granny Smiths. But a palate that's grown up eating chillies gets accustomed to heat which is probably the first thing you'll notice. But then we hope you'll get the depth of flavour, the smokiness, the hint of agave sweetness, perhaps the nuttiness of garlic.

The symbol of Cocina Oaxaca is a Luchador's mask. Masked wrestling - the favourite entertainment of our farmers - is as much part of Mexican folklore as it is part of our story. If you think you know chilli, think again. From the land that invented it. It's a different kind of heat.

Our offer

With Luchito we had found a taste of Mexico that is utterly unique,   Having the introduction pack in the shop to let your customers try would back up this claim… we sell around 50 pots regular at a farmers market in London and customers keep coming back once they run out.. The proof of the pudding in the eating so to speak

Intro box includes 4 x 110g Jars @ $3.20 each and recipe cards with free postage.

Luchito has an amazing new mayonnaise as well to chat to Fergus about

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Message from Marcus

marcus carters artisan food clubI have in the past shied away from hot chili products… Fergus suggested I try this on toast with a poached egg on top.  I was so impressed.  It was hot with a smooth sweetness in the background… I have tried it in pasta sauce and on a steak…. All perfect and a great product.  Very versatile and a must for any foodie home.
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Ongoing T&C - Relationship rules

  • Ongoing price £3.20 per jar/110g (case size 12).
  • We don’t have a minimum order for your first 1-2 orders to help you on your way.  Then there is a minimum order of 24 jars - if less then 24 jars then a  £5.50 charge is added to invoice.
  • 1st order after introduction pack – only shipped when intro pack is paid for
  • One introduction pack per-establishment
  • The introduction pack remains the property of the vendor until paid for

More Information

Want to know more before your ‘date’ please call or email Fergus or Marcus

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