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Cookie Crumbles

Making home baking foolproof !

Cookie Crumbles baking range ensures perfectly wholesome and delicious cakes every time. 

We don’t compromise on flavour or quality, that’s why our range of four mixes feature the finest and natural ingredients possible, allowing you to bake as simply and healthily as possible while having fun in the kitchen. Our products are bursting with fantastic ingredients like wholegrain flour, seeds, dried fruit, organic cocoa powder, all essential to our daily diet. The products contain no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, no hydrogenated fats and are suitable for vegetarians.

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Who we are

Cookie Crumbles was founded in the early nineties offering children’s cooking parties and classes by me, mother of two, Carola Weymouth. My belief is that children should be encouraged to develop a better understanding of food and nutrition by actively getting involved in the kitchen. In my experience children become better eaters, develop their motor skills and best of all have great fun cooking and baking.

Cookie Crumbles baking mix range are as natural as possible on the principles of great nutrition for all the family and are bursting with fantastic ingredients like wholegrain, seeds and dried fruit, essential to your daily diet.

By simply adding some wet ingredients, such as egg, water oil or butter the range ensures perfectly wholesome and delicious cakes every time while having fun in the kitchen.

Our offer

So your customers can try these great packs before you commit to anything we would love to send you the introduction pack…..

3 x Sunny Oat and Raisin Cookie Mix 380g - £2.75 each
A scrumptious oat and raisin cookie mix containing wholemeal flour, raisin, oats and sunflower seeds.
3 x Awesome Wholesome Brownie Mix £300g  - £2.75 each
Our bestseller contains wholemeal flour, organic cocoa powder and brown sugar
3 x Granola Energy Bar Mix 300g - £2.75 each
Crammed with different seeds, such as poppy, sesame, pumpkin and linseed it also contains juicy cherries and oats.

3 x Blueberry & Vanilla Muffin Mix 220g - £3.80 each
Crammed with dried blueberries and a note of vanilla this wholesome mix is always a winner


We’ll get in touch before dispatching the introduction pack to check in and get connected.  Then we’ll stay working with you over the first few weeks of trading offering as much (or as little) support as you need and want to get us off on the road to a great relationship.

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 Message from Marcus

marcus carters artisan food clubCarola is spot on with how much fun you can have with your little ones baking and these packs take all the stress out of it.  We made the oat and raisin cookies the other night with little Nick and the only challenging bit was waiting for them to cool to eat them!

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Ongoing T&C - Relationship rules

  • First order after introduction pack - shipped on payment of intro-pack
  • Orders under £100 carry a £4 delivery. There will be no delivery charge for the first 1-2 orders if under £100 to help you on your way.  
  • All orders can be mixed.  
  • One trial pack per-establishment
  • The trial pack remains the property of the vendor until paid forFirst order after introduction pack - shipped on payment of intro-pack

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