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Just Live a Little - Granola

Artisan food producers Jill and David are living their dream by taking a product they made at home for family and friends and making it fully available to the public by producing it on a larger scale.

Once your customers try this for the fist time they will be back time and time again! Don’t miss out on this outstanding introduction box.   


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Who we are

Put simply, great tasting, wholesome and healthy food is what we are about.  It’s our passion, our pleasure and promise. ‘Just Live a Little’ cereals were first concocted at Jill and David Crawford’s farmhouse kitchen in Portaferry, Northern Ireland, back in 2010.  Since then, these incredibly tasty, no nonsense products have become a favourite at breakfast tables from Ireland to Hong Kong.

Now produced at our purpose built bakery barn at our house, each and every pot of our just live a little cereal is still handmade with care and dedication using the highest quality ingredients.

Our Offer

We know the key to a good breakfast is to keep it simple and there is no compromise when it comes to our ‘just live a little’ cereals.  We use only the finest ingredients to make the best granola. We want our customers to know about the love that goes into each and every pot we create we hope our philosophy inspires them to ‘Just live a little’ too. Not only do our products taste great they look great on the shelf and move fast!

We would love to send you the introduction pack below so you can see the reaction from customers and get there feedback before you commit to anything.

4 x Apple Cinnamon and Whole Almond Granola 450g - £2.80/unit

4 x Cranberry Coconut and Cashew Granola 450g - £2.80/unit

4 x Toasted Muesli 450g - £2.80/unit


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Product Gallery - Just Live A Little Granola

Message from Marcus

marcus carters artisan food clubI have enjoyed the granola many a morning since meeting David and Jill.  The Cranberry and cashew nut is bursting with flavour.   We are already selling in shops in and around London and the first order from the introduction pack is about 80%.  Trust me this is first turn over product for your shop.
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Ongoing T&C - Relationship rules

  • 1st order after introduction pack - shipped on payment.
  • We have a minimum order of 8 cases but are very happy to help with the first 2 orders and send the amount you need to get confidence up.   If you take under the 8 cases there is a small £5 addition to the invoice
  • All orders only one in arrears.
  • One trial pack per-establishment.
  • The trial pack remains the property of the vendor until paid for.

More Information

Want to know more before your ‘first date’?  Please call or email us.

David: 07726 263001

Marcus: 07971 270299


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Send us an email or give us a call on 07971 270299