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Are you ready to get excited by a product we all need in our cupboards and most of us use every day. Olive Oil with a side order of red wine vinegar is the standard for great chefs.  This Olive Oil gives you a great fresh and grassy taste followed by a great peppery finish.  The red wine vinegars are both matured in oak barrels for 4 years to create a rich and deep flavour. The Vinegar with the thyme honey adds a perfect amount of sweetness for more versatility and excitement.

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Who we are

We are Maria Koinaki & Kamil Shah and we are the founders of Olive Branch. Olive Branch is an Award Winning British fine food company, producing Olive Oil and related products on the Island of Crete, Greece. Set up in the summer of 2011, our aim is to improve peoples’ knowledge of good quality Olive Oil and the benefits associated with its consumption. Our extra virgin Olive Oil has been carefully handmade at a family grove which contributes to the local community co-operative in South Eastern Crete. It is a high quality product that is low in acidity and rich in antioxidants. Our other products include the innovative Olive Oil Jam and a series of organic Red Wine Vinegar’s

Experience the taste sensation that is Olive Branch – a hand-made Olive Oil which BBC Good Food Magazine described as having a “pleasing fresh, grassy flavour”.

Our hand made products will transform your simple ingredients into festivals of flavour – enjoy the taste of the Mediterranean from the comfort of Britain.


Our Offer

Experience the taste sensation that is Olive Branch – a hand-made Olive Oil which BBC Good Food Magazine described as having a “pleasing fresh, grassy flavour” – RISK FREE!

To celebrate our new harvest Olive Oil making – we have created an Oil & Vinegar introduction pack, designed to help you gauge your customer’s reaction. If you are a retailer, butcher, pub or deli and would like to stock our products, please request our no risk free trial.

3 x Olive Oil 250ml/£3.50

3 x Red Wine Vinegar 250ml/£3.50

3 x Red Wine Vinegar with Thyme Honey 250ml/£3.75

Here’s a taster of the other lines to choose from after the introduction box:

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Message from Marcus

marcus carters artisan food club

II met Maria and Kamil last year and they kindly gave us a bottle of there olive oil to take home…..and I thought it’d be just another for the cupboard…..but I couldn’t have been more wrong! We used it to cook over the next few days and we really noticed the difference. I had some pasta (from Mark at the Fresh pasta Co) and I drizzled the oil just before I served… it was a perfect combination.   Both vinegars are a taste of the ‘Summer’ and the thyme and honey is so nice it’s the one we ran out of first.

This introduction box is a must try and a great addition to any shops oil and vinegar selection.


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More Information

Want to know more before your ‘first date’?  Please call or email us.

Maria:01895 679 394

Marcus: 07971 270299