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Little Delicious Marshmallow

These are a true taste treat and each one is packed with sweet flavour.  I met Lin in her production room and observed the company to be a true artisan company. Lin has a true passion for the food she makes. Supporting her by taking the introduction box will be something your customers will thank you for over and over again. Your customers who possess a sweet tooth will love the food AND you!   


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Who we are

Little Delicious specialise in handmade, gourmet marshmallows.
All our marshmallows are specially made to order, using fresh ingredients with no artificial flavourings or additives. Our marshmallows are gluten free, and most are also egg free!  Two great selling points to appeal to lots of customers with special dietary needs.  

Even our kitchens are special at Little Delicious as we’re run from our five star rated base in Bursledon, near Southampton.

Our Offer

Our introductory pack gives your customers the opportunity to try our wonderful marshmallows before you commit to an order or set up an account.

Little Delicious artisan marshmallows are perfect as a treat to eat on the run or with a tea or coffee – or even in a hot chocolate! They also make great gifts for friends and family all year round and for any occasion. Man and boy, lady and girl, all adore us and come back for more.

We find they sell well wherever you put them….but a secret we’ll share is that they’re especially good as a cheeky pick up line by the till….

4 x Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Peanut £2.00/unit - 100g

4 x Mocha (coffee marshmallows, rolled in 100% cocoa) £2.00/unit  - 100g

4 x Coconutterly Lovely £2.00/unit  - 100g

Once we are rocking and rolling the other flavours are:

Luscious Lemon Meringue
Salted Caramel/Peanut/Chocolate
Mint Choc Chip


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Product Gallery - Little Delicious Marshmallow

Message from Marcus

marcus carters artisan food club

I have a very sweet tooth so when Lin said she was sending me some samples I was like “oh yahh”.  The flavours were a real treat… The Chocolate, salted caramel with peanuts was not for sharing… I enjoyed this all on my own very very nice (they didn’t make it home much to my wife’s upset).  Lin is a great example for how you can take a passion and turn it into a business.

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Ongoing T&C - Relationship rules

  • 1st order after introduction pack - shipped on payment.
  • We have a minimum order of 6 cases (6 units/case) but are very happy to help with the first 2 orders and send the amount you need to get confidence up.   If you take under the 6 cases there is a small £5 addition to the invoice
  • All orders only one in arrears.
  • One trial pack per-establishment.
  • The trial pack remains the property of the vendor until paid for


More Information

Want to know more before your ‘first date’?  Please call or email us.

Lin: 07930 279062

Marcus:07971 270299



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Send us an email or give us a call on 07971 270299